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Productivity & Engagement Impact

Many managers and organizations lack the data to back up what they know from experience — teams that cultivate trust, belonging, and adaptability have higher retention rates and outperform their competitors.


The calculator below quantifies the annual revenue impact that results from teams addressing turnover and disengagement by choosing to invest in key areas that increase employee satisfaction and belonging. Based on Gallup's research, Step Outside targets three key areas to support teams: focusing on strengths and values, creating engaged teams, and developing great managers.

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Making the most of these results

In their 2020 meta-analysis of engagement and performance, Gallup found that companies in the top half of employee engagement doubled their odds of success. Compared with companies in the bottom half of engagement rankings, top companies saw increases of:

  • 10% in customer loyalty

  • 23% in profitability 

  • 18% sales productivity

  • 66% employee wellbeing

In addition to this research, Gallup identified 4 key areas that can grow revenue by 59% per employee, which they call the "additive effect." Their research suggests that only 1% of companies address all 4 areas.

Talented employees

Focus on Strengths & Values



Engaged Teams


Great Managers