A series of outdoor workshops focused on developing interpersonal awareness and building community 

Insight Series

Monthly workshops with rotating themes designed to help participants build flexibility and strengthen emotional awareness.

Workshop 1 - Developing resilience 

An opportunity to embrace challenges as opportunities and develop skills to manage uncertainty.

Workshop 2 - Increasing self-awareness

A chance to explore the benefits of showing up to this moment with your whole self.

Workshop 3 - Connecting with purpose

A session to identify and act on your values so that you can move towards what matters most to you.

"Frame adversity as a challenge, and you become more flexible and able to deal with it, move on, learn from it, and grow" (Konnikova)

Weekend Trips

Customized trips for individuals and small groups. We'll design learning outcomes to meet participants where they are. 

Choose from the following skills & concepts

Take values-driven action

Manage difficult conversations

Increase self-awareness

Respond flexibly

Strengthen emotional intelligence

Develop resilience