Outdoor sessions designed to help participants flexibly approach their values


Emotional Growth Outdoors

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Take values-driven action

Help your team move toward more meaningful work

Develop psychological safety

Engage in open conversations and make trustworthy commitments

Respond with awareness

Learn to slow down and watch your thinking before responding

"emotional interactions and complicated conversations and discussions of who we want to be and how our teammates make us feel — those human bonds matter as much at work as anywhere else. In fact, they sometimes matter more" (Duhigg)

Many workshops fall flat because they:
rely on passive, lecture-based approaches to introduce tools and frameworks
So we've designed experiences that:
prioritize active learning by practicing and applying skills in immediately relevant settings 
lack specific outcomes and provide minimal time to craft a strategic plan
outline clear objectives that deepen learning, increase retention, and inform prep work and follow-ups
avoid difficult and challenging topics in service of surface-level collaboration and discussion
develop trust, increase candor, and provide tools to manage difficult conversations and circumstances 

All activities are challenge by choice, meaning that each participant maintains autonomy when determining an appropriate level of challenge and always gets to decide if they want to participate.