What we're about


Our Vision & Mission

Our Values

Embrace struggle as opportunity

Step back from our thoughts and feelings

Take values-driven action 

Build community  by practicing these skills together

Our Expertise

Our founder, Marc McCann, believes deeply in people and their capacity to grow. He's learned from a decade of coaching and leading teams that we can overcome our own limiting beliefs when we're willing to lean into challenges, and he's seen even better results when we work through those challenges in communities that value self-awareness, compassion, and purpose-driven work.

He's facilitated training and development programs across the U.S. and internationally, and spent the past 5 years researching and applying Contextual Behavioral Science in organizations. These skills help leaders understand how thoughts, emotions, habits, and behaviors function at the individual and group levels.


Marc completed the ACT Bootcamp training course in 2020 and became a certified Prosocial Facilitator in 2021. As a company, StepOutside's designed training experiences for hundreds of current and aspiring leaders and scaled professional learning curriculum across multiple high-growth organizations.

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